Reward your staff with a Vitality Break!
We'll come to your office.
Call 813-259-3404 to schedule a Vitality Break for your office.


The Vitality Break instead of a coffee break. 

A 10-15-minute massage performed while the fully clothed client sits on an ergonomically designed massage chair. Cost for this service is $70/hour with a 2 hour minimum.


Reduces Job Stress

 The Job Stress Study  is designed to decrease job-related stress and anxiety and to increase productivity and job satisfaction. A 20 minute-minute chair massage is provided twice weekly during the lunch period. To date, 14 subjects have completed the intervention. The preliminary results are as follows:

 • participants reported feeling less fatigue and being able to think more clearly

 • EEG alpha, beta and theta waves were altered in ways that are consistent with enhanced alertness

 • cognitive skills were improved (this was evidenced by subjects being able to complete math problems in half the time with 50% fewer errors)

 • anxiety levels were lower at the end of the 1-month period

 • the massage therapist reported that the subjects were more relaxed immediately by the end of the 1-month intervention


Source:  TOUCH POINTS  Field T., Fox N.,Pickens J., Ironson G.& Scafidi F.(1993) unpublished manuscript. Touch Research Institute, University Of Miami School Of Medicine.


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