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Muscles move bones. By relaxing the muscles along with gentle stretching  and range of motion the body seeks its normal position. Tired, "stress-out" muscles because of overwork, sports injury or accident usually respond to massage therapy.

Our years of experience will help us take care of your  stress and soft tissue injuries in the shortest amount of time.

Types of conditions treated by massage therapy include: headaches, neck, back, shoulder, arm, hip, leg, knee, ankle and foot aches and pains.

Massage Types

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT) and CORE Myofascial Therapy

NMT (Neuromuscular Massage Therapy) is a specific soft tissue technique that is especially beneficial for relieving muscular pain caused by accident or injury. The NMT massage therapist seeks out trigger points (areas of local tenderness) that refer pain to another part of the body or ischemic areas (areas of spasm), then applies stroking, spreading, friction and pressure to the muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments, allowing them to "relax" so they can be gently stretched and mobilized. CORE Myofascial Therapy is a type of myofascial spreading technique utilizing a firm steady pressure by the massage therapist to the affected area. This steady pressure allows the tissues to become warm and pliable, changing the tissues from a "plastic to elastic" substance.

1/2-hr = $50.00    1-hr = $100.00

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Craniosacral Massage Therapy

Most people think of their skull as one solid bone, yet in reality, the skull cosists of 22 separate bones in constant motion under the control and guidance of a specialized membrane system (the dura) which connects the cranium to the sacrum. The therapist gently checks the system for ease of movement then manipulates this membrane system, allowing the system to begin to "unwind," permitting the body's self-healing mechanism to take over and complete the correction.        

  1/2-hr = $45.00    1-hr = $90.00                      

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Classic Relaxation Massage

Sometimes called Swedish Massage, this type of massage therapy is very good for stress reduction and relaxation. The massage therapist, often using aromatic oils, applies long warm-up strokes, in combination with kneading and mild friction strokes to help the body relax.                                                

  1/2-hr = $45.00    1-hr = $90.00                      

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Prenatal Massage

Any of the above types of massage can be employed with the use of Body Support Systems: Professional Contoured Body Cushion™. This system allows the pregnant patient to be completely comfortable, even when laying face down. If you are pregnant, you will love this system.                                                                          

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Vitality Break℠ 

On-Site Chair Massage at your office

A 15-minute acupressure massage of the back, neck, shoulders, arms wrist and hands performed on a fully clothed person while seated in a specially designed chair. It makes the benefits of massage convenient for everyone in the workplace. We'll come to your office (2-hour minimum). The VITALITY BREAK℠ instead of the coffee break. 

Please call 813-259-3404 for a quote or contact by email

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Yoga Therapy is a personalized yoga session designed to relieve tension for tight or inflexible muscles associated with over use, injury or atrophy. Denise will teach you a personalized series of asanas (stretches) for your needs. Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing for this session.                                                     

  1-hr = $80.00                      

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